3×3 Basketball: Everything you need to know

3×3 Basketball: Everything you need to know is the first-ever book to cover multiple aspects of this up-and-coming sport. In this book, author Luka Snoj comprehensively presents the differences between traditional basketball and 3×3 basketball and outlines the fundamental tactics and game structure, theory, terminology, as well as principles for successful play. The author also details the history of 3×3 basketball – why and how it was formed as well as how the sport has evolved over the years. He also describes the competition system, including how the rules have changed, and what teams have been successful over the past decade. In this section, Snoj weaves contemporary interviews with top players like Dusan Bulut – 3×3 basketball’s GOAT (four-time world champion) – to round out the narrative on a sport whose popularity will only continue to grow. Finally, Snoj provides both statistical and analytical analyses of the sport.

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Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd
ISBN: 9781782552260
Number of pages: 224
Trim size: 215 x 140 mm
Format: Paperback


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Print, Ebook

ISBN 9781782552260

A brilliant book, full of important information and interesting facts―just right for anyone who wants to learn and play this beautiful sport.

Danilo Lukić

This book is definitely worth reading and will help 3x3 players develop as well as educate coaches and members of 3x3 basketball organizations.

Nauris Miezis