3x3 Basketball: Everything you need to know

Who should read it

This book is for anyone interested in 3x3 basketball, such as fans, players, coaches, and journalists.

What you will learn

History and evolution of 3x3 basketball
Differences between traditional and 3x3 basketball
Fundamental 3x3 team tactics
3x3 game structure and game phases
Statistical analysis of 3x3 and NBA teams
All-time FIBA 3x3 WC and WT stat leaders
3x3 World Tour data analytics
Key 3x3 figures on and off the court
Notable 3x3 leagues around the world
Profile of the professional 3x3 athlete
Factors for 3x3 success
3x3 rule changes over the years
3x3 competition system
3x3 theory
3x3 terminology
Interview with Dušan Bulut and quotes from other famous basketball players
Principles for successful play
Game playing methods for people who aren't quite as familiar with 3x3
and much more

Advanced data analytics

Learn how 3x3 teams' efficiency compares with NBA teams' efficiency.
A discriminatory analysis between winning and losing teams was made in an attempt to present how a single game-related factor affects results in 3x3.
Learn how to properly evaluate performace with stats.
The statistical data used in the book was collected by FIBA 3x3 while the advanced data calculation and analysis are the work of the author.
The historical details, not known to the public before, were obtained through various interviews with FIBA 3x3 officials and world-renowned 3x3 players.

Luka Snoj

About the author

Luka holds a law degree but is better known as a 3x3 basketball pioneer and the first European player to have played in the first international professional 3x3 basketball league. During his professional career, he was ranked among the top 3x3 players in the world and has played in more than 500 3x3 games. He is also a basketball coach, a TV analyst, and a big fan of data analytics. He uses his background in analytics in his first book. He has coached 3x3 basketball in Japan and was also an assistant coach for the Slovenian national 3x3 basketball team. He now manages and coaches his own 3x3 basketball club in his hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Credits @ FIBA 3x3

Book Reviews

What People Are Saying

A brilliant book, full of important information and interesting facts – just right for anyone who wants to learn and play this beautiful sport.

Danilo Lukić
The most successful 3x3 basketball coach whose teams have won two FIBA 3x3 World Cups, three World Tours, and two Europe Cups.

This book is definitely worth reading. It will help 3×3 players develop as well as educate coaches and members of 3×3 basketball organizations.

Nauris Miezis
Number 1 3x3 basketball player, 2020 FIBA 3x3 World Tour champion, 2020 FIBA 3x3 World Tour MVP .

Very thorough and clearly written from the perspective of someone who has a true passion for the sport.

Steve Sir
Holder of the NCAA record for best three-point percentage, player for the Canadian national 3x3 team